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A range of services to support economic projects

There are two facilities to support economic project leaders in Pays de Gex : CCPG, for support setting up and developing businesses, and IBPG, an association supporting entrepreneurs.

  • CCPG

CCPG’s objective is to contribute towards overall economic development in the Pays de Gex, to promote and foster its development, as well as the existing economic and human potential.

The CCPG team offers guidance to project leaders when looking for the best site to set up in business. Staff advise on available financial help and facilitate contacts with local partners (public and private) likely to contribute towards the success of your project.

Working with national and local authorities, they can also offer help to employees and their families moving to the area.

The following areas can be covered, depending on the project leader’s expectations :

– A presentation of the region for employees and their spouses. This requires close collaboration with management to ensure suitably-customised content ;

– Hosting a group of employees in Pays de Gex so they can discover the region ;

– Setting up a monitoring group with the various state departments, in coordination with the Gex subprefecture to facilitate administrative procedures for the business and for any recently-arrived employees. This group can also help optimise any recruitment operations ;

-Temporary accommodation solutions for the business from the public stock or private landlords to enable the business to start running if required, whilst waiting for definitive premises to become available.

– Personalised support to the spouses of relocated employees to find employment. This support is provided by the Pays de Gex communauté de communes (community of municipalities) labour department, alongside the Job Centre and the region’s temping agencies ;

– Support to find accommodation through systematic requests to town halls and estate agencies with a list of requests.

Contact :

Communauté de Communes du Pays de Gex

Pôle Economie

50, rue Gustave-Eiffel Technoparc – Saint Genis-Pouilly – France

Tel.: +334 85 29 20 50 – Email : economie@ccpg.fr 


  •  The IBPG association

Contact : IBPG

50, rue Gustave-Eiffel Technoparc – Saint Genis-Pouilly – France

Tel.: +334 50 42 65 20