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— Establishing and growing your business in Pays de Gex

Are you looking to start your own business ?

Do you need information about creating or taking over a business in or around Geneva ?

Do you need advice ?

As part of its aim to encourage and develop economic activity, Pays de Gex can offer a wide range of sites and services for project leaders.

  • Business parks

Pays de Gex has 24 business parks, covering a total of 378 hectares.

→ Six local business parks (under 10 hectares)

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 Nine 10-20 hectare parks – excluding trading centres

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 → Five regional trading centres

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 → Four regional-level sites over 20 hectqres (excluding trqding-focussed centres)

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  • Business centres/incubators

There are several facilities offering premises to businesses. These include :

– Ferney-Voltaire FIT (international business centre) + contact details

– Saint-Genis Pouilly Technopark business centre + contact details

– Pays de Gex business incubator

– Saint Genis Pouilly Technopark short-stay premises

On top of this, there are also privately-owned premises which can be used for projects.

  • Services

A network of professionals is on-hand to support project leaders :

– Service économique de la Communauté de communes du Pays de Gex. Contact : economie@ccpg.fr

Initiative Bellegarde Pays de Gex